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The Story Of Night Breed

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to live in a world where things both scary and beautiful dwell? Where all of your sins are forgiven and you get to live in the night forever? How about a place where the monsters are the heroes and the humans are the villains? If you answered yes to any of the above then, Welcome to the CITY OF MIDIAN, Home of NIGHT BREED, Where the Shape shifters, Outcasts and Monsters Go. Pure white stone, set by dwarven hand, glistens in bright sunlight like the smoothest glass. Within this bastion of light dwell the common and the extraordinary. It is where a scullery maid may aspire to greatness and where the great may bend low to wrestle with puppies. No dream is too distant, no imagining too outlandish, no character too extreme for within the walls of this castle laughter and love resides. We are a Houston based group that love the Medieval / Renaissance time period. Going to Faires all over the USA is what we look forward to each year. We have monthly events located at different places Bowie, Maryland, We meet at the Crooked Ferret of 1960 and Jones Road every third Saturday of the month. As long as it's not during the One of the above mentioned events.   Along with several other groups, We are ALL DRESSED IN FULL GARB! So keep an EYE out for THE CITY OF MIDIAN AT THE FAIRE CAMP GROUNDS AND NIGHT BREED, the LIVING PAST.

Night Breed was started at Excalibur Fantasy Faire in 2002 final weekend. By five people that didn't belong to any group and wanted to start a unique group of there own.  Inspired by the movie

Night Breed and Ghost Busters we made up the induction ceremony.  The group was basically started for all outcasts at faire that didn't belong to any group, and characters that didn't fit in to any particular category. For example: Kyron The Texas Centaur one of our founding members. The group grew fast and now is 43 strong. A lot of our members belong to other groups too, for example: Chaos, Trash Tribe, and The Claw. In Night Breed our members are fantasy characters of their choice they may shape shift to other personas. It is not strictly Renaissance period garb.  We have the Hall of Souls that is the High Council. We have the Army of Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind. We also have a Dungeon for the unruly berserkers of the bunch. I am Midian the Gate Keeper and High Priestess of Night Breed, and My Council is as follows:

   * Key Master Of the Army Of Fire - Koolagh
   * Defender Of the Army Of Fire - Dragon Lord
   * Key Master Of the Army Of The Wind - Vulture
   * Defender Of the Army Of The Wind  Zivilyin
   * Key Master Of the Army Of The Earth - Vamptasia
   * Defender Of the Army Of The Earth - Slash
   * Key Master Of the Army Of Water - Luna
   * Defender Of the Army Of Water - Troy
   * Dungeon Master - Lohan Ashland
   * Devil Of The Dungeon - Tazz
   * The Oracle – Dirsangi Hollowreed
   * The Shadow - Kyron the Centaur
   * Midian - Gate Keeper High Priestess

Our members choose which Army they want to belong to, or the element that best fits them to serve under. 



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